Workplace Violence Toolkit: Part II Lateral Violence

Workplace Violence Toolkit
Part II: Lateral Violence


What is Nursing 2015?

How to Use This Toolkit

Definitions of Workplace Violence


ANA Resolution 2006: Workplace Abuse and Harassment of Nurses

ANA Resolution 2010: Hostility, Abuse, and Bullying in the Workplace

CAN Fact Sheet: Lateral Violence and Bullying in Nursing

CAN Tip Card: Bullying and Horizontal Violence: How To Recognize It and How to Handle It

CAN Position Statement: Lateral Violence and Bullying in the Workplace

Navigate Nursing: Workplace Bullying: 8 Tips Before You Quit and Five Behaviors That Show Respect


Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies

Horizontal Workplace Violence in Long-Term Care


Lateral Violence in the Nursing World: Three Scenarios-Retaliation, Bullying, and Exclusion

Bullying: Experienced nurses v. New Nurses/Students

Horizontal Violence: Preventing It in the Workplace

Workplace Violence Against Public Sector Healthcare Workers


Annotated Bibliography


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